About the Company

Avascent Analytics offers a suite of integrated market analysis products that deliver timely and accurate information for business development and strategic planning. Our toolkit provides visibility into customer demand and competitive positioning across a wide variety of markets in the United States and 40 other countries.

The Avascent Analytics product suite is encompassed by three overall modules, each spanning multiple market sectors: U.S. Defense Systems (also known as “050”), U.S. Federal Services, and International Defense Systems. Combined, these products provide users in government and industry with detailed insights into current and future spending priorities, program plans, competitor position, and opportunity space across dozens of product and service market sectors.

The Avascent Analytics toolkit was created for clients who need to make sense of an uncertain environment and identify opportunities for growth. Avascent Analytics aims to equip clients with the tools they need to gain market insights with transparency and efficiency.
The Avascent Analytics Advantage

There are many sources of intelligence for the U.S. Federal and global markets. What separates Avascent Analytics is its commitment to transparency, rigor, customization, and client service.

1. Traceability and Transparency: Data on U.S. systems is directly tied to the Defense Department’s Future Years Defense Plan, down to the Program Element and Project. Assumptions behind International market estimates are clearly stated, and estimated within a clearly articulated picture of overall country defense spending. The International data is constantly refreshed on the basis of programmatic, customer, and competitor developments. Individual records are date stamped to indicate last update, and Avascent conducts a comprehensive annual “scrub” of the dataset to avoid “stale” data.

2. Integrated View of Market Trends: International forecasts are grounded in an explicit estimate of total investment spending on a country-by-country basis. The aggregation of all individual markets depicted cannot exceed a country’s topline. All product segment forecasts (U.S. and International) flow from an integrated view of Platform and major system sales. Thus, changes in Platform projections will directly affect markets in Sensors, C4I, Weapons, and so on.

3. Customizable to Individual Clients: The Avascent database can be configured to “speak” in a market taxonomy that is unique to individual user groups. Customers have secure access to 050 and can “tag” data with notations and other meta-data on a permanent basis. This allows users to append additional information to the underlying 050 data, for ongoing, secure use in company-specific analyses.

4. Highly Responsive Client Support: Avascent provides client service by a team of full-time 050 analysts, not marketing representatives. Users of the Avascent database can also gain access to the broader Avascent and Avascent International consulting team for particular subject matter expertise.
Avascent Analytics is a division of Avascent, the leading management consulting firm serving government-driven industries, including defense and national security, government IT, health care and numerous others.

Meet the Team

Doug Berenson

Doug Berenson is a Managing Director at Avascent and also serves as the head of Avascent Analytics, where he applies his knowledge of macroeconomic, budgetary and programmatic forces shaping global security markets. Doug has published articles on defense markets and resources in Defense News and Armed Forces Journal and is a regular speaker on defense and national security issues. He is a former defense reporter for Inside the Pentagon, where he covered the defense budget and acquisition processes. He holds a M.A. in United States history from Georgetown University.

Sebastian Sobolev

Sebastian Sobolev is Avascent Analytics’ Project Manager who oversees and develops the quantitative and qualitative analytic tools that are used to support strategic planners in defense corporations and governments. Sebastian is currently pursuing his M.A. at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and is fluent in Russian as well as conversant in German.

Keith Arscott

Keith Arscott is the Product Manager for Avascent Analytics’ 050 Defense Systems database and also maintains Avascent Analytics’ budget analysis tools and related products, providing macro-level analysis of defense spending trends in the United States and abroad. He holds an M.A. in security policy studies and received his B.A. in international affairs both from The George Washington University.